5 Way to impress a girl

Have you ever seen a gorgeous woman who could be a supermodel walk down the street holding hands with a shorter, not as attractive guy and wondered to yourself how a guy like that could get a girl like that? That guy probably knows some things that you don’t – the secrets of how to impress a girl

You can have a beautiful woman by your side, too, if you learn the 5 secrets of how to impress a girl, especially a supermodel, beautiful, gorgeous woman. Despite their supermodel looks, these women are still just women and you just need to know how to impress a girl like them. Read on to learn the 5 secrets of how to impress a girl!

1.  Don’t Be Too Serious

When you approach a gorgeous woman, surprise her by not taking yourself too seriously. Eliminate all nervousness from your body language and just have fun when talking to her. Self-deprecation can be very sexy to a beautiful woman – they’re used to guys trying to find out how to impress her, they’re not used to a guy who’s being cool and making fun of himself. Also, if something awkward happens when you’re talking to a woman, you could turn it around and make a self-deprecating joke – it will make you seem confident. After all, only a confident man could make fun of himself. Be careful not to do it too much, you might sound whiny, and that’s never a good way how to impress a girl.

2.  Compliment Her, But Not About Her Looks!

One of the biggest complaints that beautiful women have is that people only notice their beauty and nothing else about them. So, don’t fall into that trap of complimenting her on her looks. Don’t say how beautiful her eyes are or how long her legs are – that’s not how to impress a girl, especially a very hot one. Find other things about her that you like to compliment her about. Maybe she made a cute joke – you could say that you really like how she’s funny and clever. Learn how to impress a girl by complimenting her in the right way so that she knows that you’re genuinely interested in her, not just how hot she is.

3.  Have Some Substance

If you’re not good looking, it doesn’t matter. Hot women want you to have something other than looks, because since they’re complimented on it all day long, it’s just not as important to them. You need to have some substance and show that when you talk to her. Instead of hitting on her and trying to learn how to impress her in an obvious way, talk to her about interesting things like movies or travel. Show her that you have a brain and that you’re an interesting person – that’s how to impress a girl.

4. Keep It Light and Casual

Beautiful women are used to men falling in love with them easily. After all, men are very visual creatures. Don’t fall for her too fast. Keep it light by having light conversations with her that are fun and flirty. Learn how to impress a girl by teasing her, instead of making future plans further than a first date. Make her work for you. Understand how to impress a girl by keeping it light at the beginning. In that way, you’ll be different than all the other guys hitting on her that night and proclaiming their love after only a few dates.

5.  Don’t Be Dishonest

Since beautiful women have their pick of any man they want, they will expect you to be very honest and straightforward with them. Dishonesty, lying, or vagueness will immediately turn them off. They don’t have to deal with that kind of crap, they know that there are loads of men out there clamoring for their attention and trying to find how to impress a girl. Learn how to impress her by always being honest about yourself. Honesty shows that you’re confident about who you are – that’s always a good way how to impress a girl.
If you understand how a beautiful girl’s mind works and what her experiences with men are like, you will be closer to knowing how to impress a girl, especially a beautiful supermodel. Then soon enough it will be you walking down that street with a supermodel by your side. Other men will be looking at you and wondering what you have. They’ll be asking you how to impress a girl, specifically a beautiful girl.
There you have it – you now know the secrets of how to impress a girl. Always remember these 5 tips whenever you approach a beautiful woman. And always remember – they are people, too. Good luck.

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After years of teaching guys dating advice around the world, I have come up with some of the best ways to teach them how to impress a girl.
Expression not Impression
Actually to talk specifically of impressing a girl, it’s kind of a loaded statement.
Something I often talk about is that you want to be the buyer, not the seller in an interaction.
If you are trying to impress her, what does that say about how you view her compared to yourself?
The goal is to actually get to the point where SHE is impressing YOU.
Easier said than done
Here are five quick steps…

1.  Speak LOUD!

-Loud is a sign that you are unstifled, and at ease with your environment.  It shows that you are comfortable talking to her, and have talked to other girls just as cute as she is, making her feel more attracted.

2.  Take up Space.

-Get big.  Have a presence.  Create an aura.  The more physical space you can take up both as you talk and seated, the more it conveys that you are not insecure about your surroundings, a very attractive trait.

3.  Maintain Eye Contact.

-One of the first thing a girl looks at when trying to determine if you are a high value attractive man is how much you are able to maintain eye contact as you talk to her.  Hold it strong, even when you feel uncomfortable, get used to holding.

4.  Have FUN!

-Stress is an indicator that your life is not handled.  The most high value attractive guys have their shit together and feel at ease in the world.  They can have fun because they have little to worry about.

5.  Convey your Intent.

-Most guys are afraid to show that they actually like the girl, but if you can authentically show that you like her, and are willing to be vulnerable, it conveys MASSIVE value.

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How To Impress A Girl in 5 Easy Steps

It’s ingrained in our genetics somehow – a need to know how to impress a girl. It started way back on the playground as a kid, and now you want to know the secrets.
You’re about to discover my 5 Easy Steps for how to impress a girl - and not look like a dork in the process.
How To Impress A Girl – Step 1: Don’t be a try-hard.

The try-hard is like that kid on the playground that would do ANYTHING to be your friend. He’d give you his lunch, compliment you, and hang around all the time. Basically, he’d drive you nuts.
Well, don’t be this kind of guy to a woman. You have to demonstrate clear boundaries, and self-respect, or she will just ignore you and never give you a chance. You want to work to impress her, but also show her with your attitudes and actions that you are not a guy that can be walked all over.

How To Impress A Girl – Step 2: Start with confident body language.
One of the most important steps in how to impress a woman is making sure that she knows you are an “Alpha.” She has to know that you’re the dominant male of the pack, and the best way to do this is to show consistently confident body language to her.
Most guys are too lazy with their body language, and they wind up looking more like a loafing dropout than a man of purpose.
Of course, the basics of confident body language are really all you need: Straight back, head upright, strong eye contact, and relaxed gestures. If you use those consistently, you’ll have no problem keeping a girl’s interest.
How To Impress A Girl – Step 3: Approach her directly.
When you walk up to a woman, you want her to know that you’re not a wuss. A wuss is the kind of guy that’s afraid to show his sexual interest in a woman, and as a result he comes off as insecure and wimpy.
As the saying goes, you have to be willing to break a few eggs to make an omelette. In learning how to impress a girl, you have to be willing to risk losing her in order to get her.
Don’t approach her with a “friends first” attitude. Even though you may have heard women say this, they do not mean that you should walk up to meet her as if you want to make her your friend. She needs to sense that you have a distinct masculine charge to you in order to even think about going out on a date with you.
How To Impress A Girl – Step 4: Be persistent.
One of the tests that a woman will use on a man (and there are many) is that she will do her best to discourage you JUST to see if you’ll be persistent and sincere with your attempts to get through to her. It might seem counter-intuitive, especially when most guys are immediately willing to meet a woman anytime and anywhere.
But the reality is that you represent a complication in her life – a risk of heartache. AND she gets approached all the time, so she has to see that you’re really motivated, and that you’re worth the risk. This is the one step in how to impress a girl that most guys don’t realize is the most important.
Never give up!
How To Impress A Girl – Step 5: Always leave her wanting more…
The secret to getting a woman’s interest – and really impressing her – is to leave her with a cliffhanger.
You’ve seen shows where they end it with a “to be continued” on the screen, right? And I’ll bet you can’t wait to see the conclusion. In fact, even if the show wasn’t all that great, you’ll still want to see it just because they left you hanging.
The same is true for women.
If you want to guarantee another date or meeting with a woman, end your time with her on a high-note, and leave her wanting to know more about you. It’s the simplest – and most effective way to impress a woman that you can use.
And if you want respect and attraction from any woman in your life, you need to know the stealth strategies that trigger a woman’s primitive desires. Because when you have confidence with women, you can say anything to her and she will feel attracted to you, respond to you – and respect you.
Wishing you confidence and success with women – With HONOR and integrity.
 Source: carlosxuma 

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Simple steps for impress a Girl on chat

With the increasing use of technology, can now meet more single women through dating sites and most of their initial interactions are limited to only digital media and online chat. Now you're wondering how to impress a girl in the chat instead of having to meet single women. Chat for the first time a girl can be considered a first date from the way we talk to her will be a determining factor when deciding if you want to date online with you again, or just flake out on you . If you want to master the art of how to impress a girl in the chat, so stay tuned, you're about to read the most amazing encounters suggestions on how to impress girls.

Step  1 Trust You've heard and read about this point that dates back thousands of times and yet you panic every time you have to talk to the opposite sex. Relax, it's not a monster and not have to work hard to impress. Just stay calm and repeat to yourself that there is nothing to fear. Although she is a beautiful girl and way of approach does not work, there are still millions of single women there! Online dating has never been so easy. Also, remember that it is easier to impress a beautiful girl in the chat to be with her physically, the more nervous racking to be with her on a physical date hide behind the screen and talk to her. 

Step 2 show interests in their Do not expect her to start the conversation. Being a gentleman, and start by saying hello and asking for it, and pay attention to what she says, responds by sending emoticons or using the famous 'LOL' to show that is fun and is interested in it. The lectures in most dating websites have emoticons and make sure you use it to flirt with his beautiful girl. 

Step 3 attention shown little care OK it's not a big problem if you can not send her flowers and chocolates to impress a girl. You can send e-cards with romantic messages and let you know how much I miss her and how much she means to you. 

Step 4 express their desire to see her When you've been talking to her for a while and see that she is interested in you, it's time to take things to the next level su-Ask if you have a webcam. Now watch the kids, this can be really difficult. You have to decide when the time is right to bring up the 'webcam' conversation. Asking him to put the camera the moment you start talking to her will only give the impression that all that matters is physical beauty in jargon-male, a hot girl! 

Step  5 Your Praise Once you've seen, congratulations on your beauty, not be vague in their praise, try to be specific to show that you are paying attention to details, saying things like: "I love your hair" or "your eyes are amazing, I remember the beauty of the ocean." Remember that women love romantic and funny people, they need someone that makes them feel like a prize, while at the same time, making people laugh in order to try to give praise to blush and laugh are made at the same time, an example is: "You are so beautiful that I'm afraid that my webcam is not powerful enough to handle," or "the photo you sent me does not do justice to its amazing beauty." Remember it's not too hard to impress a girl in the chat, and once you have captured their attention on the chat, impressing her in a day is easier because you already have paved the way to his heart. The art of how to impress a girl in the chat is refined with practice, so keep practicing and refining the lines you will use to impress a girl!

Source :-212articles

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Useful tips on impressing a girls

Trying to impress the woman of your dreams might seem like an up-hill task. But in reality it isn’t. Of course you will have to put in some effort if you really want to impress her but the end results could be amazing. The first and foremost step you should take when trying to impress a girl of your liking is befriending her. Be good friends with her and develop a rapport that will eventually help you win her trust. Once a girl has started trusting you should consider your problem half solved.

Also, try not to pretend or fake anything. Girls are very good at catching lies so saying false things just to win her heart would be a futile effort. Just be yourself and things might work out the way you want. Also, be a good listener and give your honest opinion if she ever asks for one. Girls like guys who are open and confident. Another rule of the game is to take things slow. If you try to push things too far too soon then you might end up being the loser as girls don’t like pushy guys.

Last but not least, it’s okay to act all romantic when you are with her or around her but remember not ot over do it as too much romanticism can sometimes be a turn-off and might put her off you.

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How to get a girl to like you?

Talk the talkWhenever you see her, you should be able to come up with an interesting conversation topic.  Try to make it about something that she is interested in.  Or you can ask her about how things are going on at work or at school.  The point here is to engage in friendly conversation and getting to know her more.  Once you have managed make her notice you and made the first step into her life as a friend, gradually take things to the next level.
Compliment her
Now that you are no stranger to her, you can proceed gradually towards getting her to like you more than a friend.  Whenever you see her, compliment her; try to be specific in your compliments and say things like:
“You look really beautiful with your hair tied in a pony tail”
And avoid saying things like
“You look beautiful today”
Whenever you see a change in her, make sure that you point it out to her.  This is a way of showing that you care about every detail about her and you take the time to savor every small detail about her beauty and notice changes in her.
Flirt with her
Complimenting and flirting with someone are two separate things.  Men know that they have to compliment their ladies, but very often they fail to realize that they have to flirt as well-flirting takes you out of the ‘friend zone’ and gives clear signs that you are looking for more than friendship.
Flirting is not about complimenting; it is all about teasing the girl in a good hearted and fun way without being offensive and rude.  For example one way of teasing a girl is my maintaining eye contact for some time while at the same time having a quirky smile or even looking at her in a suggestive way while caressing her hand.
You should bear in mind that flirting is not only about the words you use or your actions.  It has a lot to do with your body language as well.  When you are flirting with a girl, you need to have the right body posture, confident eye contact and control your nervous ticks.  You should appear relax and laid back and demonstrate to her that you have control of the situation.
Show interest in her
If you want a girl to like you, you should make her feel like a prize.  So whenever you are with her, listen to her, ask her questions about things she likes and dislikes, show interest in whatever she is doing and saying.  If she is currently studying, ask her where she pictures herself in a few years.  Show her that you are passionate about everything that is related to her
Maintain eye contact when you are talking
Whenever you are around her, look deep in her eyes and make her realize that you have devoted all your time and attention to her.  Maintain eye contact and look at her with admiration and from time to time you may even interrupt her to say romantic things like:
“I could spend hours listening to you; you look so cute whenever you are talking passionately about something”
Maintaining eye contact is a romantic way of saying ‘nothing in this world will distract me now that I am with you’
Now that you have come all the way from being a perfect stranger in her life to a newly found love, try not to mess up! Do not ask for advice when it comes to wooing her-like how she wants you to kiss her and when she expects to be kissed.  You should know when is the right time to initiate the first touch and kiss-if she responds favorably to the first move, you can take things to the next level otherwise you know that you have to wait some more!
Show her that you care
When you see and feel that there is something which is bothering her, ask her if there is anything she wants to talk about.  Hug her and take her in your arms while reassuring her that things will work out with time.  Take her out for an ice cream or even buy her a flower when you know she is sad.  Be here whenever she needs you and be her shoulder to cry on.  You should demonstrate to her that she is your number one priority.
Be respectful of her and her opinions
We all have our own stance on certain issues which we do not like to see challenged.  So if her opinions about a particular topic are not in harmony with yours, do not make a scene out of it and be judgmental.  Show some respect about her way of thinking and stand by your own.  This will demonstrate that you are a mature and respectful person.

Article source - http://www.howtoimpressagirlz.com/

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Everything You Need to Know About Attracting Women

Since we were children we had always been taught to treat Girl or women with a lot of respect, be man and do for her what they want. And when you are in school you see that girls aren not  really attracted to guys who treat them good and they prefer jerks that treat them like trash! So what's the deal with jerks and why girls are attracted to them?

First reason - Women love guys with ego and self confidence!
In the nature the female is always going with the strongest male. Human aren't so different. Women are also attracted to strong and confident guys that will make them feel safe! You probably think that we are smarter than animals and have mind, but attraction it's a sort of an instinct and women (and also men) can't control it! So if you really won't to become more attractive you should work on your self confidence!
Second reason - Jerks are playing hard to get!
Here another instinct that is working - we always want what we can't have. You probably know that almost all the girls in college are charmed by those popular guys who sleeping with all the hot girls in campus! Why it happens? Because they think those guys will never give them a chance! But the nice guy are always available, they are always there and will never say no! The girl just gets bored with a nice guy because she feels like she already has him. My tip to you is to learn how to say "No" to a girl - actually it's not so hard and trust me women also don't want a guy who is always says yes! Also don't call the girl 10 times per day just to ask how she is. Let her miss you, let her call you, let her chase you! Than she'll want you!
Third reason - Women want a guy who will take the lead!

When you call the girl to ask her out, how it sounds? Let me guess - you are probably asking her where she wants to go, what she wants to do and when she will be ready -right? If it's your case than you have something to learn! On the first date you never ask the girl that kind of questions. As long as you are the man - you are making the plans and the decisions. You know why? Because women have a hard time to make decisions. Have you ever though why they can spend 4 hours in a bikini store and still leave with empty hands? Because they just can't decide. So when you are telling her where and when you'll pick her you are actually making her life easier. She also will see that you are confident and it will increase her attraction to you!
As you can see attracting women it's not a rocket since and everyone can do it. I didn't mention the look on this article and I can say why. The look is just less important than the 3 things I mentioned here!

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How to Impress a Girl

Well, after seeing a beautiful girl, every guy is haunted by the same question-How to impress this girl? Till the time he doesn’t know the way out, the task appears really demanding. To reveal the truth, the art of impressing girls has the simple fact, that girls are not impressed by fake things. Most guys are likely to act smart or be like someone else just to impress girls, yet they never succeed with this policy. The solution to this question is to be original so as to impress your girl. Read further to get acquainted with some tips for impressing girls.

  • Good work starts with good hygiene. Usually guys are careless about personal hygiene but girls are really watchful about this. So, be well-groomed and wear clean clothes to attract your girl.
  • Have a good attitude because girls don’t like guys who flaunt. Be modest and don’t attempt to impress everyone. Guys, slightly inclined towards good humor, are liked by girls.
  • Show respect towards everyone and give them their space; this will fetch your respect from them too. Especially with girls, showing respect works even better.
  • Have healthy conversations and don’t speak too much before girls. Speak in moderation; the other person should not feel that you’re not interested and also don’t speak in excess so that he/she doesn’t get time to speak.
  • Prefer talking on topics of common interest. Girls don’t like guys who talk about themselves only. Show interest in her speech. Ask her about her interests like hobbies, favorite books, music, etc. If she starts asking you about yours, speak briefly and again focus on her interests. 
  • Try to flirt. If you both make an eye contact, just pass a smile. Perhaps she will get blushed or start looking away, but don’t react. Remember you don’t have to stare her down. If she likes you, she will definitely give glances.
  • Always respect her opinion and ideas, and don’t criticize her. Give her compliments and never talk anything disgraceful to her friends.
  • Be romantic, but not in excess. If you’ve been dating for a month, you can attempt a romantic gesture. For example, hold her hand while looking in her eyes or get down on your knees to bow her.
  • Start speaking with her casually. If you don’t know the girl, start friendly conversation. Ask for the time, and praise her watch.
  • Make an effort to get her attention to your plus points and away from negative points, remember to be original.
  • Don’t tell her straightaway that you like her. Ask her out. If she refuses, don’t take any tensions. You can change the style and say ‘Oh! Actually we friends are planning to go on a dinner; I thought that you might like to join us”.
  • Don’t get stick to her. Give her some time and like this, you’ll definitely get her attention.
Source -iloveindia.com

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How to impress a girl by talking/words?

Looking for tricks to woo the woman of your choice??
Forget the easier- said- than- done days and approach the woman with full confidence and positive attitude. Women love to be with men who can look straight into their eyes and talk without hesitating. Wear a smile whenever you are near her and if the woman smiles backs at you it’s a positive sign. But watch out… if she smiles too much chances are she might be taking you to be a fool. A sense of humor is a must but silly jokes can be a total put off!

An intelligent approach is to befriend the group of friends she has- this helps you to know what her likes and dislikes are. Do not follow her to the extent of irritating her- don’t ignore her either. Familiarize yourself with the activities she participates in and if you’re ignorant about the details- googling would definitely help! Keep yourself updated to avoid feeling stupid. Keep yourself calm, it might take time.

Women are clever- they can tell when you are pretending. Watch your body language at all times but do not overdo- neither in dressing up nor in talking. Dress well- choose your color combinations wisely. She should not take you as outdated in fashion sense. And most importantly- never put her off with body odor! It’s hazardous!!

Talk less- do not ask too much! While trying to impress a girl with words you must not ignore her interests- take care of them as well. Prefer listening to her especially when there is nobody else around. Women generally have lots to say without your asking it! Don’t lie about anything she asks you, even if it’s about your ex- girlfriend. It’d be disastrous if she finds it out from somebody else. Treat her as your greatest friend and confidant… share even the most private details about yourself with her. This is the moment to confirm if she is interested in you. Watch out for the signals she sends- you would know your effort to woo her is proving fruitful if she shows interest in even the most trivial of your talks and asks you details about the same.

Complimenting your woman definitely helps! You must be aware of her tastes and avoid imposing your own on her. Even if you dislike something that she’s wearing hold your breath- don’t just say it straight in her face. Rather tell her that she looks great every time but whenever you think about her you see her in your favorite dress (and mention the dress too). When you see her wearing it the next time- smile. And if it’s soon… it’s a positive sign my friend!

Source - pickthetrick.com

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How to Impress A Girl In 3 Effective Ways

Before we go any further lets understand what is it we are trying to achieve when it comes to women. You obviously want to go and chat to a girl you like and hope that she will like you. The main reason you are standing there is because you want to be with her.
So your burning desire is to make sure that she likes you. In other words you want to impress her. At this point you have gone to all this trouble and anguish to be standing there with her in the first place so you want to make this work.
The first way to impress a girl is to look her in the eyes. That's right guys in the eyes not everywhere else that you may want to look. Good eye to eye contact is imperative. When you look her in the eyes there is a certain confidence reflected in that. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

The second way to impress a girl is to be conversationally adaptable. Spontaneity speaks volumes and when you do talk do not talk too much. Close your mouth and listen. Let her do most of the talking. Always be on the alert for other conversation opportunities that are of interest to her.
The third way to impress a woman is to begin by not trying to impress her at all. Just be yourself. If she does not like you so what. If you keep trying you are just fooling yourself. There are lots of beautiful women out there who would really like to be with a down to earth honest bloke.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/903973

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